My Photo Editor Mind - Shoot Me Now

One of the major advantages to working at a newspaper or any other company is tech support. At the Los Angeles Times, it was David Muronaka and Jason Neubert who were always so helpful with any sort of problem. I have to admit, maybe I was a bit lazy, didn’t try to figure out what was wrong, just asked them. I can’t do this, this won’t work, can you figure this out? So now here I am working for myself, and I have a problem. I can’t post my blog on Facebook like I do every week. Twitter is working, LinkedIn is working. What’s going on with Facebook?I reload the page, restart the computer, damn it that didn’t work; okay I guess I have to do some problem-solving. 

 I disconnect, connect, read, troubleshoot, read some more. Okay, now I've been doing this for over an hour (seems like four). Finally, I get it to post, but I reposted my blog and now I have two, but I still can’t just hit the share button. Oh god, I have to read more. I have to admit, sometimes when I try to figure some tech problem out, I can’t even understand what they are asking me to do. I admit Squarespace is pretty good; I need those visuals they provide. Now I'm losing my patience. Afraid I might take my frustration out on the cats. I’ve disconnected and reconnected the account; what does “Impersonate page” mean? WTF. Wait a minute I can’t even see that. I guess this is one of the downsides of working for myself. Damn, when I was at the Times, I should have paid more attention.