My Photo Editor Mind - Help vs. Guidance

“It’s taken me a while to reach out for help,” were the words from photographer Malika Sqalli when she contacted me recently. “You mean guidance,” was my response. I know I’m splitting hairs here, but I think there is quite a difference, especially when it has to do with your professional and creative side. You really don’t need help. You need guidance. My view of being a picture editor isn’t to overshadow photographers, but to bring out the best they can be. To move them in a direction they might not have thought of. To guide them to new ideas. Sometimes, photographers are so passionate about their work and so close to the story they are trying to tell, they need another pair of eyes to help them see the real story and separate the wheat from the chaff. That’s where I come in. I can give you some direction, give you a nudge now and then, and help you tell the best photo story you can. The way I help is by guiding.