After working as a photojournalist for ten years, I realized that I had rarely worked with an editor who made me better, who guided me, who saw my vision. What the newspaper industry really needed, I believed, was more photo editors who knew what it was like to be out in the field, who knew the struggles of telling the best story, who knew how to get the best photos out of photographers but still had an objective eye. That is when I knew I should be a photo editor.  

If you are a photographer, I can help you craft your portfolio or your latest project, or if you are starting out as a photographer, starting out in the photo world, I can help guide you and give you direction where to go. Sometimes, being a photographer can be overwhelming, but I can help you focus your efforts.

While being a freelance photo editor, my scope has expanded to include commercial, fashion, architecture, and art photography, and what I’m finding is very simple – A good picture is a good picture.

If you are a business owner who needs photos for a brochure or a website, I can either help you find a photographer or find stock images that will compliment your business. I have experience handling thousand of images daily, I am proficient at image acquisition, having worked with staff photographers, freelancers, stock agencies, and photo desks around the world to find editorial and creative images on deadline.

What I can do for you:

• I can create or refine your portfolio, whether for a job, website, contest, or grant.

• A simple edit of images, from thousands down to one hundred, create a storyline or simply a great photo essay. 

• Review your current project and show you how to round it out, demonstrating what’s needed and what’s missing, giving you direction to elevate your photography.

• I can review a video and tell you what needs to be cut or whether it needs to be restructured. I can also help you craft the narrative and/or storyboard video for you.

• I can hold you accountable for your work and give you a needed push, keeping you focused on your goals. I can be a taskmaster, help you coordinate your ideas, mentor you, encourage you, and listen to you. I can make you better.

• I can listen to a story pitch and let you know whether it’s a good idea or what you need to include, helping you develop your ideas or helping develop a new one.

• I can read interview questions prior to an interview to make sure that you get the right answers. Special Note: This bullet point is specific to documentary videographers. There is a science involved in interviewing subjects. If you do not do it properly, you can waste a ton of time and money.  

• I can tell you if you are too close to your work and need a new perspective.

• If you are new to photography, I can teach you the art of lighting and composition.  

• With expanding technology, I can help you think outside the box for Web presentations; it’s not just photos anymore.

• We can establish an ongoing connection, so whenever you need me I will be available. 


Professional Experience

Faculty • The Missouri Photo Workshop 2015

Judge • College Photographer of the Year 2015, Stills and Multimedia Divisions

Judge • Wedding Photojournalist Association 2014 Q3 and 2015 Q2 Photography Contest

Los Angeles Times, Senior Photo Editor • 2007 to 2014. Coordinated major projects and weekend coverage, and worked on national and international stories, providing readers with timely and important social issues. With an interest in video, learned Final Cut Pro and helped photographers translate still imagery into storytelling videos. Managed photography staff and scheduling. Helped photographers generate photo stories, which resulted in multiple photography awards.

Sun-Sentinel, Deputy Director of Photography • 2003 to 2007. Daily coverage of news and projects, and helped manage staff, including hiring and disciplinary actions. Championed and promoted photographers when necessary to various departments within the newspaper. Point person on hurricane and immigration issues, coordinating photography staff with Editorial Department.

The Free-Lance Star, Picture Editor • 2001 to 2003. Learned management skills with first full-time, permanent picture editing job, including the ins and outs of coordination, communication and patience. Weekend and feature picture editing.

The Fresno Bee, Photographer • 1994 to 2001 . Covered news, features, and projects; general assignment photographer, including self-assigned photo stories. Promoted to picture editor.

Daily Ledger, Photographer • 1989 to 1993. Covered a variety of daily and long-term projects with a primary interest in social issues.