My Photo Editor Mind - School is in Session

The best part of my job as a freelance picture editor is that I get to learn. When I decided to go from a photographer to a picture editor, I thought I would miss the travel and the opportunity to see new places and meet new people. But what I found was that my opportunities grew tenfold. With every photographer I work with and every photo I edit, I get to be a different person with a different point a view, imagining the world with a different perspective. 

My clients are constantly teaching me about people and places I had very little knowledge about. And because I have always enjoyed becoming fully immersed in a story, learning all there is to know, I get emotionally involved. Their stories – your stories – are my stories. In fact, I find myself reading novels and doing research so I can keep up and have a better understanding. Recently, in my head, I’ve been to Kashmir, Papua New Guinea, and South Africa.

Would I like to tell you about the other places I am currently learning about? Yes, but then I’d be going against my promise that I don’t talk about photographers’ stories until they are published. And I never share story ideas from one photographer to another.

Anyway, thanks for letting me share in your adventures.