My Photo Editor Mind - Contacting a picture editor 

So you are trying to get your work seen by a photo editor, and one way to do this is through various social media sites. Fair enough; however, you should probably do your research before contacting that person.  Lately I have been contacted by so many people wanting me to publish their work.  Way too many. Sometimes with endless messages. I don’t publish work. I don’t work for a publication. If you contacted me regarding publishing your work, now I know you didn’t do your research. Know who you are contacting; know if they work for a publication; know if they hire photographers; know what type of work they publish; for goodness sake do your research. Sending out endless general messages to anyone with the title “picture editor” is a waste of time and doesn’t bode well for you. The latest message I got didn’t even include my name. This shows how much time this person took to find out about me. Come on people, do your job. Researching a photo editor is part of it.