My Photo Editor Mind - The Good, Bad and Ugly of Freelance Work

I’ve been a freelance picture editor for a couple of years now. Sometimes, I think this is the most brilliant idea I’ve ever had; other times, I think it is the stupidest idea. What was I thinking? Oh, and by the way, that’s usually in the same 5 minutes. I am pretty neurotic, never wanted to freelance because I always thought I would go crazy not having a steady paycheck, no knowing what would happen tomorrow. Well, here I am doing it, going crazy.

Anyone who does freelance work knows how this goes. Some days it’s so busy I can’t think straight. I’m getting two, three, four calls while I’m on a call (from all over the globe, hence several time zones), and my email is going crazy. Then, just when I think I can’t get all this work done…crickets. Nothing, nada, zilch. I have my husband call me to make sure my phone works. I send myself an email to make sure my computer works. Is it a holiday? Is everybody on vacation because the weather is finally nice? 

A while back, I had a fellow freelancer tell me that it’s always going to be like this; it will never change. Hot streaks. Cold streaks. So I’m trying to keep the crazy under control with regular, good old pep talks. Damn, I wish I was a better listener.