My Photo Editor Mind – Let Me Translate That

When I am editing a photographer’s work, I try to get into the mindset of that photographer. What were they thinking? What were they trying to capture? What is the story? Always keeping in mind their vision, their way of seeing the world. It’s almost as if I become an interpreter of their work – a translator helping their photos speak, trying to bring out the best of what they are trying to say.

The photos I pick are not just photos I like. I never want to pick just the photos I want but try to figure out what a photographer wants or what they were trying for. I always want to bring out the best in a photographer, not confuse them with myself. It’s not me and not my vision but the photographer’s voice that is important.

On the other hand, I don’t always pick images just because the photographer wants or loves them either. My editing process involves finding the story the photographer was trying to tell, its essence, looking for themes, sub-stories, back-stories, in short, the thesis that he or she either intended to shoot, or sometimes, subconsciously shot.

And then when the edit is done, I always talk to the photographer to make sure that I translated his or her language (the photos) the way she or he envisioned it.