My Photo Editor Mind — Never stop learning

I was recently on the phone with a new client in South Africa, having a discussion about where the direction of her photography was headed on a project. All of a sudden, I started using direct words I'd  heard while I was at the Missouri Photo workshop. That’s right, even though I was teaching at the workshop, I was learning so much from my colleagues, ways to explain what a photographer needs, different points of view, new ways of viewing images. What surprised me during this conversation was the stuff I didn’t know I was learning had come back to me from my subconscious. Which brings me to another conversation I was having with a photographer who thought he had improved a certain aspect of his photography and was done with it. So I told him what I believe; you never stop learning. Even when you think you know something, there is more to learn. And if you think you know everything, that’s when you really need to learn.