My Photo Editor Mind - Danish School of Journalism

I was recently at the University of Missouri judging College Photographer of the Year, and I had the opportunity to judge both stills and multimedia. One of the biggest surprises, aside from great work, was the videos that were coming out of the Danish School of Journalism. They were taking chances. I have always had an issue when someone is talking constantly (narrating) during a video; it takes away from my experience of looking at the visuals and exploring the story. And I’ve explored the idea of movement in a video, maybe sometimes too much. But in a video titled Peter, by a student of The Danish School of Journalism, there were moments of complete silence; there were moments of no movement. And it was breathtaking. It sounds simple, but I think we all try to stuff as much information as possible into the minutes we have. If you are serious about shooting video and want to see exceptionl work, it’s worth your time to take a look at this video: Check out the other winners too.