My Photo Editor Mind - Getting work - Shoot what you love

Recently, I’ve been talking to a lot of clients about freshening up their websites, getting on a better path for work, talking about redefining themselves to get work, and shooting what they love.

When you love what you shoot, it becomes really evident in your work. “That’s your best work,” I recently told someone. “Oh, I love shooting stuff like that,” he said. It’s really that simple. It seems like every time I see a photographer that is really good at some specific kind of photography (portraits, conflicts, aerials, macros), it turns out that they have a certain passion and affinity for it. You might not even realize it, but what you love actually shows up in your work.

Of course, you can’t always just shoot what you love, but you can focus more on finding what you love and bringing your business in line with it. It takes a great deal of effort to generate new sources of work, so why not put your energy into your favorite things?