My Photo Editor Mind - Take that off your website

I appreciate that you want to show your new work, and your first thought is to post it on your website, but for goodness’ sake, stop it, take it down. I say this for a variety of reasons, but this is the most important. Let’s say you have a great and new idea, you’ve done your research, and haven’t seen it before. Your intent is to sell it as something new and exciting, right? Well if it’s on your website, (and maybe you even posted it on social media), it’s been seen. It’s not new anymore. Now since this story is public and available to anyone, another photographer might think they could do something similar. Now you have competition for the story. If I’m an editor wanting to purchase this story from you, I don’t want it public until it’s on my site or in my publication. So take that awesome, creative, and unique story idea off of your website.