My Photo Editor Mind - David Saxe

One of my favorite things is to see a photographer grow and explore how they take images. I am looking at David Saxe’s recent work in Cuba, and he is doing just that. At the young age of 75, he’s the hardest working photographer I know. I started working with him a few years ago and through his travels, I’ve been taken to the many places he has discovered, from his home in the U.S to Brazil, Cuba and Chile to name a few.

I love how David explores a place through his images. David likes to discover a place and does this through his photography. He’s not a planner or researcher, but instead, with camera in hand, he learns about the people and culture. I love the chances he took. He really stepped out of his comfort zone, and the results are my favorite images that he has taken to date. Here is one of my favorite images. To see more of David’s work you can visit his website: