My Photo Editor Mind - Are You Curious?

I recently watched the movie Truth about CBS News anchor Dan Rather and producer Mary Mapes. It’s an average but interesting movie, but what struck me the most was a scene where Dan Rather is asked why he got into journalism. His answer? Curiosity. I started to think about curiosity and asked myself if I was the curious type. I thought about if my friends and the people I admire are curious. It seems to me that you have to be a curious person if you want to more than just good at something – but instead, really great at it. Curiosity helps you know your subject, or topic, or motivation intimately, and knowing these things intimately helps you succeed and be great at what you do. Why do you take the pictures you take? What do you take pictures of? Why do you care about your subject? The issues you cover? When you consider your goals, is it to find answers? So are you curious?