My Photo Editor Mind - Mental Vacation

In a rut? Not inspired? Shooting the same pix over and over, bored, dreading the next assignment? Maybe it’s time for a break, so you can recharge yourself. Okay, I know, you have to shoot for the next month with no breaks in the foreseeable future….but there are other ways to accomplish this.

When I was a photographer, one of the best things I could do for myself was start a project. My energy would be so focused on the project that it would inspire and energize me. Not a project person? Maybe it’s a hobby. I also enjoy home improvement projects, currently installing hardwood floors in our house. I become so consumed with the project, sometimes slightly obsessive, that other thoughts fall by the wayside. 

I appreciate it’s different for everyone, but a mental break can do wonders. Refocusing your energy on something other than those daily assignments can help inspire you and get you moving in a positive direction.