My Photo Editor Mind - Sending Telepathic Suggestions

Whenever I see someone taking a picture, I can’t help myself, I send them ideas about how to improve what they are shooting. I even do this watching a movie, I talk to the screen…try a different angle, you’re standing for every shot! Try kneeling. It’s kind of weird. Even if I’m out and about, I saw all these people taking pictures, OMG if they just looked to the right, the light is beautiful, turn your head for goodness sake, the light, see the light.  In another instance, I might see someone ready to take a shot, and oh my god, the shadow on the subject’s face, are you kidding me, you’re really going to take a photo?  Oh geez, you just did. Not sure why I do this, maybe I’m a picture editor even deeper in my heart than I thought, always wanting to help someone improve.