My Photo Editor Mind – The Editor/Therapist Is In

When I was a photo editor at the Los Angeles Times, I used to joke that I was just as much a therapist as I was an editor. I don’t know if people really understand how the two are connected. Sure, I’m a picture editor; I look at images and edit them in a pretty sequence, but I always insist we talk after an edit. Why? Because it’s not just about the images. Every time you push that shutter, there are hopes and dreams connected to that moment. Did you accomplish your goal? Are you reaching your potential? Are you good enough? Are you in the right business? Are your insecurities peeking out again? Are they controlling how you shoot? I see this a lot actually. When I ask to see your outtakes or set up a meeting with you to chat, I’m trying to get inside your head to see how you handled the situation. Is there confidence, or is it frantic shooting? The next time I say I want to talk about the images after an edit, what I really want to talk about is your psyche.