My Photo Editor Mind - Feed your soul

When it comes to doing freelance work, let’s face it, there is a lot of work, that, well let’s just say pays the bills. It can be mind-numbing, but you do it because you need the work. I do this type of work too. It’s not warming my heart or filling my soul, but it’s paying the bills. Freelance work is an interesting business: one minute you’re so busy you can’t see any end in sight, the next it’s so dead. So when these dead times roll around, instead of wondering and fretting when your next job will come, find some time to feed your soul. For me, in comes in a variety of ways; I love to cook. My latest fascination is sous vide, the art of cooking in water. I never thought this would be interesting until I went to a restaurant in Portland and had sous vide halibut. OH…MY….GOD…..yes I meant to say it with pauses; it was the best fish I ever had. Maybe for you it’s that photo story you’ve been meaning to get to, the one calling your name. A story where you can use your mind and creativity, and answer the question why you are taking photos to begin with. You know if you need to narrow down an idea, I can help you with that. Whatever it is, just remember, you have to feed your soul.