My Photo Editor Mind - Just because you got the shot doesn’t mean it’s good.

Many years ago when I was a photographer, I remember I got this shot of an explosion. I barely remember the particulars, but I think it was some kind of movie set or something similar. I was so excited when I got back to the paper, and I argued like a MF to get it in as the lede image. I won. It wasn’t much time later when I looked back at that photo and realized it wasn’t that good. Just because I got the shot, that overrode any objectivity I had about the image. My emotional attachment and excitement was so great, I didn’t see the photo for what it was, only for what I felt. Feelings can get in the way. Yes, we all make these kinds of mistakes, so if I can pass along any advise when someone you know says it ain’t that good, you might want to listen because chances are it’s not that good. If you need a second opinion, I can help you.