This was an amazing project to work on – to even think doctors were over-prescribing prescription drugs that led to death. I assigned Los Angeles Times photographer and videographer Liz O. Baylen to the project. We were given reporters’ outlines of the story and then figured out the best way to illustrate the stories. This was a four-part print series, and a Web presentation involving four videos, still images, and a triptych with audio. I’m on organizer and list maker. Trying to get a handle on what you need? I’m here for you. Check out the original website at the Los Angeles Times. Just click on the image below, then you can view the vidoes and triptych all of which are excellent.


Awards: Pulitzer Prize: Finalist Feature Photography.  POYi: First Place Multimedia photographer of the Year, Documentary Project of the Year, Award of Excellence Issue Reporting Multimedia, 3rd Place Feature multimedia. NPPA Best of Photojournalism: Judges Special Recognition Best Use Multimedia, 3rd Place Feature multimedia. World Press: 2nd Place Online Feature. National Headliners: Best of Show Online.